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R2i Releases Open Web Studio, the Next Generation of NukeDK:ListX

December 04, 2008

Baltimore (PRWeb) December 4, 2008 -- R2integrated(R2i), a digital marketing and technology firm, today announced the release of R2i Open Web Studio (R2i OWS), an open source Web development tool. R2i OWS takes advantage of technologies such as AJAX, JSON and jQuery all in one bundled Rich Internet Application framework. R2i OWS is the next generation of NukeDK:ListX, one of the most popular AJAX and Developer Tools for the DotNetNuke™ (DNN™) community (the largest Microsoft based open source project in the world).

R2i OWS will allow developers to build web applications more rapidly; adding custom modules, forms, utilities and widgets to their sites. New features include:

  • Multiple-platform support in addition to DNN, including SharePoint and .Net
  • Enhanced performance by a factor of 10
  • Revamped integrated development environment (IDE) that includes a more intuitive, icon-based interface
  • Global configuration manager offering a series of templates to support rapid development
  • QuickBuilder, a rapid form builder using any data source
  • Support for the JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) format, used primarily for AJAX programming
  • Integration with jQuery, an open-source lightweight JavaScript library

R2i OWS is available for download on SourceForge for free and is currently ranked in the top 500 projects out of more than 137,000. R2i provides three subscription levels -- Core, Community and Enterprise - offering varying degrees of information, support and OWS built applications.

  • Core: free and offers all development level features and access to public forums, forge and wiki areas.
  • Community: allows subscribers to engage the OWS staff and other members in the community by collaborating on development efforts through real time localized IDE access to the OWS forums, trouble tickets, knowledge base, wiki, Forge and other helpful tools.
  • Enterprise: provides a more personalized experience with one-on-one access to OWS staff for customized direct support.

"R2i OWS is the result of years of development work and significant feedback from the DNN community and marquee clients like Texas Instruments and TV Guide," said Chris Chodnicki, CTO at R2i. "By offering enhanced support and social development features, our customers will be able to rely more on R2i and on each other for collaboration, rapid application development tips and best practices."

About R2i

R2integrated (R2i) is a high growth, next generation digital marketing firm specializing in creating meaningful customer engagement in online environments. R2i provides expertise in social media, marketing and building customer relationships by leveraging online and mobile technologies. R2i possesses a comprehensive set of professional services, including marketing, design, and technology to assist companies with next-generation Website development needs. Complementing its digital marketing expertise, R2i is a national leader in emerging technologies and content management systems, which help customers achieve feature-rich functionality with rapid, cost-effective development. R2i currently has offices in Baltimore, Northern Virginia and New York. To learn more about R2integrated, please visit

R2i Releases Open Web Studio, the Next Generation of NukeDK:ListX


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