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Features Details

OWS Home


A completely web based Integrated Development Environment. It's a familiar layout similar to what you experience within Visual Studio and the Microsoft office suite. We built the interface from the ground up with the user in mind. All aspects of the environment are intuitive and easy to use and accessible from anywhere since the whole framework is online and not on your desktop.


Rounding out the administrative interface is a fluent ribbon control we call jRibbon which has the look and feel of the Microsoft Ribbon control, but has a tiny javascript footprint. This control will be available on its own as a free open source project thru the google code site.

OWS Actions


The technology behind the interface is advanced, using Javascript and JSON to handle the majority of the runtime and the storage of the configurations.


Open Web Studio is not bound to any specific platform. DotNetNuke is where we continue to spend a great deal of time and energy, we cannot forget that there are other solutions on the market that employ .Net. Directly following this release we will begin pushing out additional platform providers that support Sharepoint and a few other popular CMS platforms. This means an application built in any OWS platform will be interoperable with the other. You can build apps for both Sharepoint and DNN without changing anything in your code configurations

Packages and Skin Controls

Just like you can create modules and solutions with Open Web Studio, you can also utilize these as Skin elements and even full blown PA modules and distribute these because of the OWS portability. Build your solutions and use them on multiple portals simply by packaging your solution and installing the OWS engine and package on the site.


OWS would not have the level of versatility possible if it wasn't so extendable. While out of the box you can do pretty much anything you could imagine, we also took into consideration times when you as the developer come up with something that "we" couldn't imagine. Out of the box we provide samples of creating your own syntax, formats and runtime tasks. Extensions are easy to create and are linked to the runtime via a standard configuration file.

OWS Tools

Quick Builder

Get started fast with OWS using this advanced yet easy to use utility. The OWS Quick Builder enables the everyday non-technical person to build data sourced modules from an existing table structures. This allows OWS to build advanced data related forms with search, filter, sort, add, view, update and delete quickly. For experienced engineers the Quick Builder provides a fast method for starting your development creating a rich UI experience in just a few clicks.

Support and Learning OWS

We have a growing number of examples that exist with open web studio, some simple examples and how to and others, like our Wiki are full blown modules that replace the need for any competing module of the same type. Because we are releasing as open source, we will also be releasing large packages meant to be used as either example or modules themselves from wiki and issue tracking to just about any other need.

OWS community


Community is a very important part of any open source eco-system. We are taking this up a notch with the introduction of Social Development and support tools for the developer community to use. Ranging from a robust organic Wiki to a mashup, the OWS community will always have other sources for collaboration, learning and sharing of information. Thru the OpenWebStudio.com website AND conveniently & directly through the OWS IDE users can get help, chat with other developers, utilize the wiki, forums and blogs as well as create your own topics and within our forge, entire projects.


OWS will be offered in three levels Core, Community and Enterprise. Core offers all development level features and access to public forums, forge and wiki areas. Community will allow you to engage the OWS staff and other members in the community by collaborating on your development efforts thru real time localized IDE access to the OWS forums, trouble tickets, knowledge base, Wiki, Forge and other helpful tools. Enterprise steps you up to a more personalized one on one access to OWS staff for customized direct support for you and the your entire project team.


Major Framework Features

  • Zero Footprint
  • Browser based IDE environment
  • Rapid change maintenance
  • Universal Data Binding
  • Rich Debugging
  • Supports AJAX, JSON, REST
  • Create distributable OWS applications for DNN, Sharepoint, .Net

Community Based Social Development

  • Online Members – collaborating, sharing ideas & knowledge
  • Forums
  • Tracking
  • Wiki
  • Blog
  • Forge – Post own projects, download other peoples
  • Mashup – Map of registered users in community

New York, NY • Baltimore, MD • Vienna, VA • St. Louis, MO • Seattle, WA • info@openwebstudio.com

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