Wish-List Features

Provided below is a brief list of the available projects, specifically based on the R2i Open Web Studio platform.


Offline/Online Synchronization via Google Gears

Skills Required: Knowledge and understanding of the Google Gears concepts. Javascript, JSON and simple SQL

The Administration interface for R2i Open Web Studio, built entirely within a javascript engine, provides two basic mechanisms for retrieving the list of available configurations from the host server. Loading and Saving of these configurations are handled via two additional calls, limiting the true aspect of client/server interaction to this small communication channel. The entire interaction from that point on is already local to the user. We would like the ability to synchronize configurations from the server down to the client interface to be stored locally within Google Gears, and allow the user to take the entire Administration interface offline, loading and saving configuration changes locally until they choose to synchronize the changes back up to the server. Google Gears is the best approch for the local storage.


Javascript Context Menus

Skills Required: XHtml, Javascript, JSON

The code tree within R2i Open Web Studio is stored and handled with a strong javascript foundation. Interaction with this tree is handled through an interface ribbon and direct keystroke. To support additional functionality for this tree structure - context menu's should be provided. Each type of code action can have a different possible set of Context Menu's, therefore JSON, used to define the interaction and flow of each type of action, should be extended to include the possible options of the context menu. A completed structure for handling the context menu as well as a basic JSON block to use for the default context menu options should be provided.


Tree Navigation Drag and Drop

Skills Required: XHtml, Javascript, JSON

The code tree within R2i Open Web Studio is stored and handled with a strong javascript foundation.The current structure allows only single selection and movement via functions and arrow keys. A basic move operation is provided in the tree class, but visual interaction is not yet provided for multiple selection of tree nodes, and drag and drop of those nodes into other locations. This project should expand the possibilities of the interaction with the code tree to allow multi-selection and drag and drop operations.


Ribbon Interface Completion

Skills Required: XHtml, Javascript, JSON

A ribbon control object, created with a solid javascript foundation layer, is provided as the basic interaction for the R2i Open Web Studio administration interface. This control, used throughout the interaction with many different configurations can be dropped into any website application and configured to operate easily. To meet the final requirements of the Microsoft Office 2007 Fluent Ribbon license a few final steps must be completed within the existing code base. Most notable, the automatic resizing of the ribbon groups depending on the size of the containing window. The object itself uses predefined JSON structures to control the look and feel - so extensions of this for handling the resizing affect will be required. To complete the project, the UI Guideline requirements will be provided, with the anticipated goal of fulfilling all remaining requirements.


Team Sharing

Skills Required: XHtml, Javascript, JSON, Vb/C#

To extend further the development interface for R2i Open Web Studio, direct chat, sharing of configurations, repository versions  and other interaction would be beneficial. The project would require the developer to first create a model for handling the communications between teams. Managing which teams to which you are a member. Finally interaction directly within the administration IDE to chat with team members and share configurations. A full flow and interaction requirement will be supplied.




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