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  • Printing, Revisited
  • Chad Nash sent me an email yesterday and wanted to respond before I headed out on holiday. However, I decided it would be more fruitful to provide a more robust response to the OpenWebStudio community to make sure everyone has access to the capability. The posted question from the email was straight forward and we have a client that was wondering if the module can support in any way a ‘Print’ for the GRID.

  • DotNetNuke Forum Template
  • After receiving many requests for a copy of the Forum Template we use on the OpenWebStudio site, we decided to go ahead and make it available for general download!

  • Videos and Tutorials
  • Using AJAX; Checking if files exist; Uploading Files; Page Titles; ows.Fetch; User Keep-Alive / Pingback; all using sound Best Practices within the OpenWebStudio environment

  • Sushi and OWS, A La Carte Creativity and Development
  • Sitting here at a sushi bar, and considering my selection from the nearly limitless al a carte menu provided, i began to realize how similar OWS is to the sushi concept. Sushi, unlike most other meals prepared professionally, seems to be 75 percent presentation 20 percent assembly and only 5 percent preparation.

  • Welcome to R2i Open Web Studio
  • Welcome to R2i Open Web Studio (R2i OWS).  R2i OWS is a new paradigm in developing web based applications. It takes advantage of many great technologies such as AJAX, JSON, JQuery all in one bundled Rich Internet Application Framework.  Bottom line this means you can develop simple to complex web applications anywhere anytime - fast. R2i OWS provides the developer features, collaborative tools and rich IDE to get your work done in a better way.

  • Thanks So Far!
  • Thanks all around so far - we have enjoyed the incoming requests and responses on the forums as well as all trouble reports. The team has been working on a number of aspects that have tended to side more with the development aspect and less of the wiki and tutorial side, but this is only temporary.


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