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chris 2 | May 27 2008 | 0 Comments

Thanks all around so far - we have enjoyed the incoming requests and responses on the forums as well as all trouble reports. The team has been working on a number of aspects that have tended to side more with the development aspect and less of the wiki and tutorial side, but this is only temporary. I just wanted to give a few heads up:

  1. The video/audio from the first Webinar was not posted - techinical problems caused the audio to be incoherent, so this video will be recorded this week and posted for your use.
  2. The Chat and Avatar manager tutorials are nearly ready - with full downloads of each. The audio needs to be added, and this has been delayed due to illness (sorry everyone - this is specifically on my shoulders and I've not had much voice since the last webinar). This is also going to be provided this week!
  3. To support the WIKI - it is quite obvious that the DNN wiki module is extremely weak on both content display and editing. To combat this I originally planned to modify the wiki module to include the capabilities familiar to all of us who use wikipedia. While moving down that road, we started from scratch on the Wiki syntax parsing and realized that this would be a benefit to the OWS core itself. So - the Wiki will be completely handled by OWS - and a download of the config will be provided! The parsing of wiki content will be as easy as [$Content,{ENCODEWIKI}]. This is not only useful for a Wiki - but even if you are building stored content that is targeted for multiple sites!
  4. Anyone who has used the Quick Builder from ListX is aware that it is severly limited. The primary focus of the next Seminar (next Tuesday) will be the BRAND NEW QUICK BUILDER! This interface is far better and all encompassing - providing a rich and rapid approach to working with your administrative tables - all with ajax driven functionality built right in to the grids!

Please sign up for a webinar session on the 27th to be included in on the new features. The sessions are set for 1.5 hours - leaving ~45 minutes for Questions so that we can answer anything that is pressing!


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