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Welcome to R2i Open Web Studio (R2i OWS).  R2i OWS is a new paradigm in developing web based applications. It takes advantage of many great technologies such as AJAX, JSON, JQuery all in one bundled Rich Internet Application Framework.  Bottom line this means you can develop simple to complex web applications anywhere anytime - fast. R2i OWS provides the developer features, collaborative tools and rich IDE to get your work done in a better way.

A bit of history on how we got here...

R2i OWS, R2integrated’s open-source Web development tool, made its public debut this week, but it’s actually the final product of an idea that began more than 3 years ago. At that time we needed to build a basic online reporting tool for the DotNetNuke (DNN) platform for a client project. We called this module a goofy name: NukeDK.ListX. We took NukeDK.ListX, expanded upon it with new features, and then opened it to the general DNN community by releasing it as a commercial module on SnowCovered.
Next thing you know, NukeDK.Listx began getting traction in the DNN community.

Meanwhile, we were still using it internally for our client projects. So we were constantly adding more features to manage all aspects of data integration ranging from the basic CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) of universal data sources to very complex workflow using AJAX. Since releasing over three years ago, we are proud to say we gained thousands of loyal NukeDk.ListX users, including marquee clients like Texas Instruments & TV Guide. 
NukeDk.ListX has consistently been one of the top-selling developer modules for the DNN community. Although we have thousands of users, we have never charged for an upgrade of the product nor for online support. We take great pride in the quality and integrity of our product. Naturally, this has been a business challenge, because the development and support effort for the product represents thousands of man-hours.

Over a year ago, we began planning and developing the next generation of the product. We set out with many goals, including a better interface, more features, faster performance, and multiple-platform support in addition to DotNetNuke®, including SharePoint and .Net to name a few. By this point, the old name no longer satisfied what the product represented, so we renamed it “R2I Open Web Studio,” or R2i OWS, for short. 

'Open' because it is being launched as an open source project. 'Web Studio' is where all development takes place; no compile, zero footprint, anytime anywhere real time results. R2i OWS represents a different paradigm for users wanted to add custom modules, forms, utilities and widgets to their site. Want to make a change? Then just login to the site, fire up R2i OWS, make the adjustment, save, and publish. The late-90s attempt of rapid application development is finally arrive to the web.
We did not stop there. We realized that developers were going to need support. So, we added collaborative capabilities and support tools, including a wiki, chat, issue-tracking, forum interaction, CodeShare, and Mashup for what we call “Social Development.” Social development lets R2i OWS users from around the world to share ideas, improve the product, and help each through a collaborative support structure. From the wiki you can search for reference material, samples, videos, and links to forum posts that are related to that topic.
We determined last year that the way of the world is open and social: open content, open source, and social oversight.

Therefore, we are proud to release R2i OWS as an open-source project. R2i OWS is available for download on SourceForge for free. We have three subscription levels by which members may use R2i OWS: Core, Community, and Enterprise. Core is free and includes all the development features available to build anything you want. Community and Enterprise offer various levels of support as well as access to private areas on the website for a quarterly or annual subscription.
Going forward, we have many ideas and “blue sky” items we will be working on, including taking this to different O/S platforms. We expect the community at large to also push the framework for even greater achievements.


Chris Chodnicki / Chris.Chodnicki@openWebStudio.com


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