Sushi and OWS, A La Carte Creativity and Development

Kevin M Schreiner | Feb 14 2010 | 0 Comments

Sitting here at a sushi bar, and considering my selection from the nearly limitless a la carte menu provided, i began to realize how similar OWS is to the sushi concept. Sushi, unlike most other meals prepared professionally, seems to be 75 percent presentation 20 percent assembly and only 5 percent preparation.

As my role within r2integrated dictates, and I can speak for many in saying, engineering and invention go hand in hand, with both joined together as an art form comparable to many other trades of medium. As a form of art, the amount of experience can only be weighed against the complexity of the tasks completed - and with more experience faster and more well crafted solutions are produced. Having a deep background in the culinary profession unfortunately does not will within my capabilities a professional ability to produce a delicious and eye popping sushi entree. It’s not that I’m not capable of completing the task, its simply that i lack the experience and diverse design knowledge in the medium to create the product I envision within my head, especially within the short amount of time that my local sushi chef seems to require.

So if you aren’t in my head, you are probably wondering two things. First, where is he going with this. And, more importantly, is this guy crazy? Well, rest assured the tests have all come back inconclusive... In any case, what I’m trying to say is, when you have the ability to mentally think through a problem, and can see the visualization of the end goal, assembling the application, like assembling sushi, allows you to quickly take the ingredients (which have already been prepared for you) and roll out a finished product, both appealing visually and materially in an extremely short duration.

75 percent design, 20 percent assembly and only 5 percent mental preparation. Like sushi, OWS development is an art.


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