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11/11/2009 7:13 AM

I don't want to create a DB table and pull filenames from the DB. I want to read from a given file directory and loop the file collection to display all files within that directory.

Is this possible?



Steve White
Talwrn Technology
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11/12/2009 2:38 AM

Hi Steve,

You can do this using an action query. Put this into the Action Query & replace the variables.


The query will return a result set just like a DB query. Have a look at the debug output to see what file system values are returned.


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3/5/2010 3:41 PM

Just ran into this myself. Here is the query template syntax:


Here is a sample of the debug text (so you can see the column names, etc.):

Rows: 3 Columns: 31

CreationTime System.DateTime
CreationTimeUTC System.DateTime
isArchived System.Boolean
isCompressed System.Boolean
isDevice System.Boolean
isDirectory System.Boolean
isEncrypted System.Boolean
isHidden System.Boolean
isNormal System.Boolean
isNotContentIndexed System.Boolean
isOffline System.Boolean
isReadOnly System.Boolean
isSystem System.Boolean
isTemporary System.Boolean
Exists System.Boolean
Extension System.String
FullName System.String
Name System.String
NameOnly System.String
ParentPath System.String
ParentName System.String
ParentParentPath System.String
ParentParentName System.String
RootPath System.String
RootName System.String
BasePath System.String
LastAccessTime System.DateTime
LastAccessTimeUTC System.DateTime
LastWriteTime System.DateTime
LastWriteTimeUTC System.DateTime
Size System.Int64

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3/5/2010 5:37 PM

Path is the path you are querying

Directory Search is the Filter to use on the directory, like A* to get all folders starting with A

File Search is the Filter for the files, like "*.jpg" to get all Files with the extension jpg

Flags is a character list

D=Directories F=Files I=Include Subdirectories
A=Archive C=Compressed E=Encrypted H=Hidden O=Offline R=ReadOnly S=System T=Temporary
Query and Sort are applied to the resulting DataTable and utilize SQL syntax. They are useful for performing filtering and sorting in ways not possible using the standard flags alone.

With that:

Yields all JPG files from C:\Temp that are Files AND Hidden AND ReadOnly

Kevin M Schreiner
Open Web Studio
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7/8/2010 1:46 AM

I want to read content of XML file stored on my server root folder. Is it possible? If so can you tell me how to read XML file's content and search for a particular node's value in it?

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