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2/17/2015 6:39 AM

We use the Action File with the Settings below to stream a Data-File with Data from SQL-Tables to the Client but when we oben the File localy the Encoding is every Displayed as "UNIX with UTF8 w/o BOM" but we need "DosWindows ANSI".

Source Type  : Runtime Value

Variable Type: Action

Source          : CSVFILE

Desitination Type : Outgoing Response

Response-Type : Application/MSExcel-noattach; charset=windows-1252

Destination : MyFileName.csv

Traformation: Not Selected

We have also before the File Action defined the Response.ContentType to text/comma-separated-values; charset=windows-1252

Have any people an Tip how we can get our needed Encoding for the Destination-File?

Best Regards


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