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9/22/2015 1:39 AM

Kevinmschreiner, please give information about the future of OWS. The project is closed or you will develop it. If you will develop, when we can get OWS 3? We have implemented many projects on OWS and we panic. We are ready to pay you for a license as a recognition of your great work. You made a great product. This is the best in its class. Don't throw it. Let us hope. Give the information. Thanks.

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10/21/2015 9:54 AM

Hi Kevin,

I would also like to know the future of OWS. Just like Lehman I too have lots of projects that utilise OWS and would gladly pay a license fee or maintenance fee to keep OWS alive. 

I am too old and lazy to learn ASP.NET so OWS enables me to create sites that do almost everything my clients want. Almost every day I still find new ways to do things.  It's got to be the best DNN module out there. 

Do you no longer have the time to develop or support it. If not would you be willing to make it open source or pass it along to someone else who does have the time. That would not be me, as I said I am too old and lazy to learn ASP.NET



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10/21/2015 10:27 AM
I still actively maintain and support the code base, I wouldnt ever thrown that away. That's why I still have support services in place for the platform so long after parting ways with R2integrated. As for the open source request -- -- it is already open source, and has been for many many years! I still have many clients on the current iteration, and have continued to release new versions whenever DNN causes a breaking change that would invalidate the runtime. Keep me posted if you run into anything in that regard. As for OWS 3 - it's still essentially tabled. This is primarily because the pressure to release it was a marketing buzz, and not something which made a ton of sense for the developer community. The v3 version itself wasnt enough of an improvement over v2, and the interface continued to run into issues. For a true v3 release, I would probably release a version that includes support for inline template languages like Handlebars, etc. Additionally, I've been working on support for making JSON services directly. However, I haven't gone about attempting to rework the current interface because it would require the developers who rely on OWS for their livelihood to learn a completely new interface. There are definitely improvements that can be made, but a wholesale replacement of the user interface is probably a bit down the road.

Kevin M Schreiner
Open Web Studio
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10/21/2015 10:56 AM

I have been thinking the same thing lately. I have projects still operating that were created when I purchased a license for ListX.. I need to make changes and have been seriously considering changing everything to XMod.

A couple of things to note: OWS IS open source, that was one of the things that happened when it changed from ListX to OWS. You can download the source from this site. (Which I have done, but do not have the skills to do much with it.).

I see a number of things that need to be done and have been trying to decide how much I want to get involved. The OWS website needs major help, there are tons of broken links, particularly in the forums, navigation is often a problem, there is no longer a samples repository. I was considering approaching Kevin about possibly taking over webmaster duties for the site - I would even host it if needed.

 The documentation is in serious need of help, including updating, adding examples and restructuring a lot of the sentences, correcting grammar, etc. (I occasionally edit some of the WIKI articles, just to correct grammatical errors and make them more readable when I need to understand something)  Even the link to contact Kevin for paying work is broken. ( I tried a few days ago). I'm not even sure that he didn't get hit by a car or fall off a cliff in the last year.

I think OWS is one of the best modules created for DNN, and I am a big believer of open source which is why I have stuck with it for so long. Support, however, is a major issue. The latest post I can find that Kevin made in the forums is over a year old and his (or anyone's) last blog post is over five years old.

When there are new versions (Thankfully, he still is keeping up with DNN Changes), there is little or no elucidation as to what changed, what is new, etc. For example, there are two current versions, one for RAD editor and one for "Standard" editor, but neither seem to work when it comes to WSYWIG Text boxes.  Either that or the 7 year old documentation is no longer valid.

I'd like to support Kevin in this project, and I think that there are plenty of others who would as well. It is a masterful piece of work and if we can relieve him of some of the work associated with it, things will be better for all of us. Perhaps there is some way that a core group of OWS users would be willing band together in a working group to provide better support and maintain the project's viability.


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10/21/2015 11:01 AM
Replying to my own post.  I see he posted while I was composing my missive. Good to see Kevin is still breathing.
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