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7/2/2012 8:43 AM

In the "Email" action would it be possible to include a "reply to" field in the next version of OWS.

As all emails are sent out using one email address (for example:, it would be great if we could put a "reply to" email address so that people can just hit the reply button when replying to a customers enquiry.

Hope this makes sense ;)

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7/2/2012 10:49 AM


I think I "mostly" understand your request, but am not sure if you are looking for Reply-To specifically, or whether auto-populating the From field will do.  When appropriate, I use [UserInfo.Membership.Email,System] in the From field.  (Actually, I assign that to an Action variable if I need it more than once, then use [emlFrom,Action] or something similar.)  Most email clients will use the From field when Reply-To is not specified.

Regardless, there are scenarios where I would like to override the Reply-To with another address; so overall I agree with your request.

A word of caution though (and you may already know this), some servers, clients, and other security software may reject or block an email where the From and Reply-To differ.  I personally see this as over-zealous spam control, but it does happen.

Good luck with the request!

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7/13/2012 3:43 PM

Basically most mail servers (Google Apps fro example) won't allow you to use "[frmEmail,Form]" in the "From" field of the email action. They do this to prevent spam/fake emails.

For example I cannot send an email "from the person that just filed out my form" ( because my mail server knows my email address is really "" (yet I am trying to fake an email from

If we had a "reply to" field we wouldn't have this issue (see screenshot below).

FYI: This is a better example of what I mean -


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1/13/2015 4:37 AM

I would like to renew the request for this feature.

It would seem straightforward to implement and it would solve a recurring problem for me.

I create many contact forms that direct an email to an "internal" company email account.  People who receive these emails blindly hit "reply" thinking they are going to respond to the person who filled out the form.  They, instead, wind up sending it back to themselves.

So I put a large, red banner at the top of the email that says "Do Not Reply to this Email" which I don't really like.

Kevin, could you please add this?  Pretty Please???

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2/4/2015 1:31 AM

I too would like to see this feature

However it still does not solve the anti-spam issues in all cases. Out of experience I know that AOL for instance looks at the Reply To field in the same was as it does with the From field. But it works fine with Gmail

In fact the ability to add any type of header to the email would be fantastic



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