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9/16/2015 3:59 PM
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Hello again,

I'm considering moving a site to azure using the following blog entry as a guide:

I notice a couple of old threads where people had problems installing OWS and I wondered whether these problems have now been overcome and also if anyone has done this successfully with an existing site that already uses OWS ?

Many thanks


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9/17/2015 1:30 AM

Hi Barry,


i have all my sites moved to azure.

Most of them work with OWS.




Also i had a project with my client. we moved a shop system to azure.

Here are some information:

Best bet for you is:

- install DNN at localhost

- then you have some options to upload your solution

 1. Webmatrix

 2. FTP

 3. SQLAzure Migration Tool



I would recommend for your SQL migration and update.


There are some limitations when using azure.

You can transfer data to Microsoft Azure SQL Database by using the following:

·         SQL Server 2008 Integration Services (SSIS)

·         The bulk copy utility (BCP.exe)

·         System.Data.SqlClient.SqlBulkCopy class

·         Scripts that use INSERT statements to load data into the database

Microsoft Azure SQL Database does not support:

·         The RESTORE statement.

·         Attaching a database to the Azure SQL Database server.

·         Microsoft Azure SQL Database does not support SQL Server Agent or jobs. You can, however, run SQL Server Agent on your on-premise SQL Server and connect to Microsoft Azure SQL Database.

·         Microsoft Azure SQL Database does not support distributed transactions, which are transactions that affect several resources

cheers, Richard

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9/17/2015 11:48 AM

Thanks Richard, that's very encouraging, and the wizard looks fantastic, I'll certainly be giving that a try!

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9/18/2015 6:13 PM

Well that was much easier that I expected to be!  Although there were a few sproc creation errors to do with collation conflicts.

It seems reasonably quick too.

It will be interesting to watch the usage statistics to see how much it will cost once the free trial expires.



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