OWS Professional Consulting Services

Consulting Services

The R2i OWS Client Services team is skilled at getting your R2i OWS project tailored to meet the unique requirements of your organization. From planning to custom Rich Internet Applications, R2i OWS Client Services will help you get it right the first time.

Plan and Architecture

Even the smallest project goes smoother with the proper planning and understanding of your goals and requirements. R2i OWS Client Services will help you fully utilize all the capabilities of R2i OWS by fully understanding your needs and mapping those in the most efficient and reliable way to the vast set of R2i OWS capabilities.

Construction and Deployment

R2i OWS Client Services engineers build with and deploy R2i OWS applications on a daily basis. R2i OWS Client Services can help you identify potential issues and overcome them before they become a problem. Often times there are multiple approaches building an applications, whether the tools used or methods and approaches, R2i OWS Client Services will help you select the best method, the first time.


R2i OWS was designed to easily integrate with other products such as SharePoint, FaceBook, Google Gears, Microsoft SilverLight, Adobe Flex, etc… R2i OWS Client Services can integrate R2i OWS in a variety of ways. R2i OWS Client Services can help you leverage your existing and future product investments by porting these to other projects or adding these to the CodeShare.

R2i Open Web Studio Training

Learn R2i OWS from the experts by attending an online hands-on training course. R2i OWS experienced trainers deliver the knowledge necessary to successfully deploy and maintain your R2i OWS applications.


New York, NY • Baltimore, MD • Vienna, VA • St. Louis, MO • Seattle, WA • info@openwebstudio.com

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