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Hold onto your boots, a brand new interface for our popular development IDE is on the way! While our original OWS 2 user interface has done well over the last few years, and we haven't really heard much belly-aching about it from our user base - we use the platform far more than anyone else, and have noticed a few things here and there which could make it so much better.

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R2i Open Web Studio Core is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2. All the sub-projects included in R2i Open Web Studio Core are either licensed under the GPL or a compatible

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Action: Assignment

As discussed in the previous section, you can Action:Assignment to assign a value to a runtime or system variable. Values can be assigned to any of the following supported types:

Action: Comment

At times you may desire the ability to place inline content into you action script. To do this, add an Action Comment and place your comments directly into this action. Additionally, whenever a section of code is to be ignored, placing it as a child

Action: Condition-Else

The ELSE Condition Action provides extended conditional branching within your Actions, and must be used in combination with the If Condition, and must appear as the last logical condition within a bra

Action: Condition-Else If

The ELSE-IF Condition Action provides extended conditional branching within your Actions, and must be used in combination with the If Condition. The functionality and purpose are exactly the same as t

Action: Condition-If

The IF Condition Action provides conditional branching within your Actions, and can be used in combination with the Else If Condition and Else Condition . The general concept is familiar to anyone who

Action: Delay

Action: Email

To send emails, add an Email Action to the configuration and setup its properties. The email will be sent using the server settings provided within your instance. The Email attributes are simple to co

Action: File

The ability to manipulate files, store files within the system, receive incoming files, and handle more advanced conceptual tasks of transforming a file like Images and CSV files within OWS makes its capability advance far beyond all other tools on the market. Within the OWS environment you can take an incoming file and store it directly within your system, either within the DNN context, or external to that, additionally you can take a file which resides outside the DNN environment and return

Action: File Example

This example demonstrates use of the File Action to Upload, Download, Store and retrieve files from the database, Delete Files and Folders, Transform thumbnail images, detect whether a file is an image and Compress groups of files together.

Action: Filter

To enable the developer to enhance the usability of the data the Open Web Studio display, we have provided a filtering mechanism for easily adapting a specific filter into the query. Any number of f

Action: Input

Choose a format in which to download the results of the query. The Action: Input type provides the ability to pull information from External sources, via a standard URL driven web request. This can be

Action: Log

Throughout the process of working with your Configurations, and running testing and debugging you may find that you need to log specific information into the database. ListX provides a convenient logg

Action: Loop

A loop is a way of repeating a statement a number of times until some way of ending the loop occurs. It might be run for a preset number of times.The loop simply executes a block of code as long as the condition you give it is true.

Action: Message

Since many wrappers provide the capability to communicate messages back and forth between other instances, OWS provides the ability to listen for these messages and react to them through a defined set

Action: Output

Choose a format in which to download the results of the query. This provides a means to export the entire rich user interface you created, or to export the underlying data via a CSV file format. There

Action: Query

Within your script logic, you may need to execute a query against the connection configured for OWS. With the Action: Executeaction you may specify the Query to execute, and provide a name for the query

Action: Redirect

Action: Region

Regions are a means of providing two different types of capabilites. First and foremost, an ability to group your actions together to make your code more readable. Grouping your actions together makes it easier to navigate through your code and find specific areas of the code that are providing specific capabilities. This logical grouping of actions also makes it easier to copy and paste groups of actions from one configuration to another.

Action: Search

Search Integration Supporting search capabilities which integrate within the DNN standard search capacity, while providing the flexibility to control how the integration occurs, and more importantly,

Action: Template

Action: Variable

Variables are used to provide a quick and protected solution to using dynamic parameters within your SQL Statements. Similar to the logical process of using parameters in stored procedures, the query variable provides a mechanism for passing values from nearly any source within your runtime directly into the query or queries. To add a Query Variable to your query, first add the Variable to your configuration by clicking the Varaible button in the Ribbon.

Building an Application -- WIKI Edition

Starting Small Create the Tables To get started, begin with the notion that the Wiki is nothing more than a single table with a few columns tracking the Content.To begin, lets assume we will need the

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