Calling an external dll from OWS

There may be times when you need to call a library in order to get the data you desire. In my situation, I needed to call an external dll that would return data to OWS from a secure web service and doing a simple SOAP request would not cut it. Anyway

Changing the default Pager

There are many times when your sites require a more customized look and feel for the standard pager. For example, the ability to place more than one pager in your output. You can do this with the lxPager HTML element. When AJAX Custom Paging is enabled f

Client Scripts

Javascript Validation Scripts OWS supports comprehensive validation utilities in simple way. All it requires is a SPAN Tag having attributes as listed. id - An unique identifier for SPAN

Client Scripts and Utilities

The Client Script Utilities are provided as an inclusive javascript function set that provides some typical runtime essentials for use with OpenWebStudio. These utility functions provide aspects of visual appeal, as well as utilitarian functionality. These functions currently consist of Expand/Collapse logic, meant to prevent easy layout functionality for hiding and showing group levels at runtime.


Columns and Values



Connection Strings (OLE/ODBC.Net)

Open Web Studio provides the ability to use external connections from standard .Net ODBC supported databases via the Connection property of the Rendering, Action:Execute and Sub queries. The provided list below is a breakdown of example Connection Strings

Creating A PA Module From OWS Configuration

For some reason, doing this with ListX or OWS has always seemed like a daunting task but after learning how to do it, it's really pretty easy. Included in this post are the step by step instructions

Creating custom OWS hierarchical menu

Describes the process of creating customized sub-navigation within OWS configuration

Custom Paging

Open Web Studio supports Custom Paging, which enables the developer to control how the system handles paging, over-riding the default paging handler. The benefit of this – on very large sets of data, or complex long running queries is that the SQL script selects only the information from the database that you require. For instance, if you want only the records that occur in order from rows 75 to 100, because you are paging 25 records per page and are on page 4 of 10,000 – requesting only page

Custom validation

implementing custom validation - both OWS and external JavaScript, and how they work together

Delete DNN users programmatically

SQL Server script that deletes dnn users from all the correlated DNN tables

End User License Agreement (EULA)

Version 1.0 The accompanying executable code version of the R2i Open Web Studio platform is made available to you pursuant to version 2 of the GNU General Public License (the “GPL”). Without limiti


OpenWebStudio is a tag based language, which provides the ability for each tag value to contain multiple attribute values. OpenWebStudio tags are enclosed with either Brackets or Curly Braces ([,{.}.]) and may contain tags within tags. The result of this, at times, is the desire to either ignore tags within conditions which will not be displayed, and therefore should not be rendered or executed unless the condition were to pass.

extending the Range Validation idea

I needed to have a little more flexibility from the Range Validation function so I added a simple iif statement to allow for a conditional selection of the maximumvalue

Extensions: PDF File Action

This package provides a new action which can convert HTML to PDF on the fly. The library works similarly to that of the File Action in that it takes incoming Source and outgoing Target parameters to provide its runtime instructions. A third party library from is used to handle the conversion.


...renders a fully qualified filter fragment for your query, this item is necessary for any of the custom filtering options. The FilterTag should always follow or be contained within a WHERE clause.

Forge: Ribbon

Forge: Wiki

Thanks to the inclusion of the {EncodeWiki} formatter, the ability to use Wiki syntax, similar to that of Wikipedia is available for any type of configuration, so to start out - we have built a comp


To automatically Encode your Wiki syntax within Open Web Studio, use the ENCODEWIKI formatter. For example, assume that you have content in an Actions Variable named "MyVariable". To encode the values


The FORMATTER option is defined by the syntax provided within the .Net Framework. The syntax was created and is provided in such a way as to work as a culture specific syntax. All format tokens begin and end with a curly brace {...}.

Freedom to Dream, Freedom to Create, and the Need for Speed

Unparalleled Speed of Creation Development and Design go hand in hand, reducing the knowledge required by all users. All that is required is basic knowledge SQL for retrieving data and the target dis

General Settings

While the formatted properties of the OWS control allow a user to display most content, in any way possible - there are a several restraints we like to apply for extending some of the usability of the interactive content. The majority

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