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Google Map Module And OWS

Examples of using Map dnn module in conjunction with Open Web Studio


Goto is an Action which provides the ability to call another configuration or some region within the current or a different configuration. If you use this action you can choose the target configuration and / or region from dropdown lists.

How To Implement An OWS Module As A Skin Object

This can be easily provided through the use of the SkinObject control within the skin ascx pages. You can use ResourceKey and ResourceFile (as provided documentation regarding PA'd modules), or simply

How to pass multiple querystring values in URL with javascript

How to Wiki

This is a Wiki So if you have never used a wiki before - here is the standard syntax we are supporting: (Show) Table of Contents 1 Sections2 Table of Contents3 Code Blocks4 Skipped Syntax (nowiki)

Import from Excel (.XLS)

Importing data from Excel (.XLS file)

Importing DNN users

Importing DNN users from a custom table using Open Web Studio


Javascript object notation (JSON) is a data interchange format that utilizes a subset of Javascript that can be interpret by most popular programming languages today. provides a good descript

Managing Actions

The runtime of OpenWebStudio is made up of two basic structured. The Visual Layout (Template) and the executed runtime steps (Actions). Each step provided within the Action block is meant to provided functionality or ultimately assign to the Template which will be rendered once all Actions have completed.

More On Custom Paging

The purpose of this example is to demonstrate how to conduct paging across grouped headers within OpenWebStudio by taking advantage of Custom Paging within SQL Server. The original example queries for Custom Paging (seen here) take a basic idea of paging across a standard table where we always seen a specific number of records on the page. For example - Looking at every record in the LISTS table with 10 records on every page. However, that takes awhile, and it makes it so that sections of your d

NT101: How to get started

The goal of this video, "How to get Started" is to briefly explain the basic use of OWS. This is meant to be a starting point for your experience with Open Web Studio. The video will teach you how to create and open existing configurations.

NT102: How to query data and show it on your page

The goal of this video, "How to query data and display it on your page" is to briefly explain the use of Open Web Studio's template system. The concepts of the Query and Template are presented. By gaining an understanding of

NT103: How to group your output results

The goal of this video, "How to group your output results", is to extend your knowledge of the Open Web Studio template structure. In the video I create an all-encompassing implementation of a grid table structure, made up of the already-demonstrated que

NT104: How to Debug

The goal of this video, "How to debug" is to get you familiar with Open Web Studio debugging. Since it can get data from so many sources and perform so many tasks, OWS includes a very robust debugging and logging system.

Open non-aspx links in a new window

Open non-aspx links in a new window. 2 ways: For Navigation Menu Links and for Everything Links Everywhere

Open Script: The Future of OWS

The original version of Open Web Studio 2.0 was released with the standard ListX Script syntax as the default. While the language is flexible and easily used in many applications - the la

Open Web Studio - Standard Practices

As the network centric and internet based technologies have grown and become globally adopted, organizations seeking to integrated their systems across departments and organizational boundaries have m

OpenWebStudio Dotnetnuke Installation

Installation Instructions Setting up DotNetNuke and the OWS Module Install Dotnetnuke 4.8 or higher (the product is compatible with all versions of 4, however we prefer the footprint of 4.8 or

Our Community

At the heart of Social Development stands a solitary entity that is capable of both supporting thecommunity by contributing thoughts & guidance as well as requesting help and inciting communicatio

OWS code modularity: invoking one configuration from another one

This article shows how to create nested OWS configurations - by calling one configuration from another one, including the ability to also pass some parameters along.

Process JSON with OWS

Open Web Studio handles and simplifies consuming data in various formats. To process external JSON request data make a JSON request in a Query action:


Introduction The Quick Builder within Open Web Studio provides all you need to create the complete interaction around your table structures. Watch the video to see the Quick Builder in action. This w

R2i Open Web Studio

What is R2i Open Web Studio Describing R2i Open Web Studio (OWS), at times can be extraordinarily difficult, simply because it can have so many answers to so many different people. In short, R2i Open

Range and Required Validation

tips on using range and required validation

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