NT101: How to get started

The goal of this video, "How to get Started" is to briefly explain the basic use of OWS. This is meant to be a starting point for your experience with Open Web Studio. The video will teach you how to create and open existing configurations.

NT102: How to query data and show it on your page

The goal of this video, "How to query data and display it on your page" is to briefly explain the use of Open Web Studio's template system. The concepts of the Query and Template are presented. By gaining an understanding of

NT103: How to group your output results

The goal of this video, "How to group your output results", is to extend your knowledge of the Open Web Studio template structure. In the video I create an all-encompassing implementation of a grid table structure, made up of the already-demonstrated que

NT104: How to Debug

The goal of this video, "How to debug" is to get you familiar with Open Web Studio debugging. Since it can get data from so many sources and perform so many tasks, OWS includes a very robust debugging and logging system.

Tutorial: Assigning a Page Title

This demonstration walks through the assignment of a Page Title both via Assignment action (non ajax) and via Javascript and OWS.Fetch.

Tutorial: Search Integration

Using OpenWebStudio to integrate the Custom Data within your module into the mix of the data provided within the DotNetNuke search Results is simple. Let's consider the following configuration.

Tutorial: Uploading Files and Verifying that they exist

The purpose of this demonstration is to provide a sample of Uploading files via OpenWebStudio and additionally, utilizing an Ajax Request to verify that the file does not already exist.

Tutorial: Using Module Settings

OpenWebStudio has an integrated ability to assign to and read from the settings assigned to the module. The provided demonstration will show an example of assigning to the module settings and, once established, consuming the module settings values which were assigned.

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