R2Integrated (R2i) assisted in developing complex custom business modules using R2i OWS for our 45,000 employee and contractor intranet as well as over 100,000 customers, suppliers and reps via the external training website.

We consider R2i an extended member of our development team. Using R2i as a strategic outsource provider has enabled us to flex project capabilities and timelines without requiring additional headcount. The ability to ramp up or down project load, regardless of complexity, is instrumental in maintaining a predictable cost basis for programming and development. We believe the true value of our in-house team is their understanding of Texas Instrument business goals. By sourcing the code portions of our custom applications to R2i, Texas Instrument’s designers can spend more time adding interaction and visual design value working directly with business leaders and stakeholders. Our relationship with R2i is such that we can confidently hand over design specifications and know we will get back quality, functional code in the same or less time as could be delivered in-house. Furthermore, we consistently receive non-biased feedback on the designs we hand off, giving us an external perspective not usually available when all parties are employed by the same company.

Craig Walker - Web Architect, Worldwide Training & Organization Effectiveness, Texas Instruments

At Advologix.com, we rely on R2i OWS for our toughest development projects and technical troubleshooting issues. We have been relying on the expertise of support services for almost two years in building our SaaS legal practice management application, AdvologixPM. In addition, we have adopted R2i OWS as our database integration and interface building tool and will soon be continuing that strategy in quickly adopting the new R2i OWS version, as our web application development tool of choice.

Paul Deschenes - CEO, Advologix

On Zymmetrical.com we needed a responsive, scalable interface for users to be able to browse a large volume of stock photos. R2i OWS not only speeds up the development cycle, but provides a reliable, fast front-end for our DNN application. We wanted it originally just for photo gallery-functionality but ended up using it in all aspects of our site, including complex forms. Support is excellent, and this 'module' has paid for itself many, many times over.

Keith Tuomi - CEO, Flyerstarter Services Ltd.

I wanted to let you know how happy I have been with R2i OWS. When I found R2i OWS, I was new to web development and did not have any skills in programming whatsoever. I was familiar with databases and knew a little SQL from my work with MS Access but I did know what I could do with a database and the right tools. I was extremely limited with other modules that I had been using because of the lack of customization. Luckily I found ListX and gave it a shot. After studying your examples and asking questions, I got a good feel for the module and began creating some very custom modules for myself. I have been extremely happy and shocked with what I can actually accomplish. I have been able to provide my company with a service that has saved them thousands of dollars in custom development. Thank you so much for such a great product that has truly allowed me to broaden my skill set and made me a true web developer.

John LaFon - Manager, Marketing Technologies , Southern Land Company

R2i has advised us on a projects using their excellent R2i OWS. R2i has gone far and above what is required of them each time we have worked with them. They will tenaciously pursue any issue until it is solved. Also, their communication is always excellent!

Spence Hackney - President, Spence Hackney Design

What can I say! This is the best product I have purchased. I could easily build my whole system with this product. I love this product so much I can't even sleep any longer because I keep creating new modules with it. LOL! Very good product!!!!!!!!

Just wanted to let you know that R2i OWS worked like a champ. I’ve been looking for this kind of interaction with DNN since we’ve been using it. It’s a little hard to jump into at first but once I got the hang of it I busted out the form I’ve needed forever in about 2 hours.

An extremely powerful and flexible tool! I've been able to solve many data entry and display requirements very easily using R2i OWS. I've purchased many other products from Snowcovered, but keep coming back to R2i OWS as a more elegant and powerful solution.

Wow! I don't think I have ever been actually "excited" about the possibilities after buying a module. A few quirks here and there but the possibilities seem pretty endless, particularly in an intranet style environment. Nice work!

R2i OWS has proven to be a world class module suite for the dotnetnuke framework. Users can rapidly develop data driven applications. Users can even re-engineer the existing modules to use the R2i OWS completely replacing the core modules with a more flexible solution. This is a WOW product and i would recommend to anyone needing to get a project out the door swiftly while maintaining a professional and effective presentation.

This is two GREAT products in one and both work hand in hand. It is hard to put into words what a wonderful product this is. It will allow FULL control over any SQL data (you can connect to) with FULL customization of output. This is NOT a simple data display tool but a complete data application builder. You can cut and slice your data anyway you wish through simple or complex t-sql commands. Also pass variables to other pages to query based on the value passed. The product in now reaching maturity with good documentation and examples.

It wasn't too long ago I was skeptical about R2i OWS, with the thought "Oh great, a pseudo-language, just what i need to help with my .NET learning curve.. ". But the end results of what I’ve built both raise eyebrows and save me a hell of a lot of time and money. Now I’m committed to it and it's time to 'pimp my R2i OWS'. I'm not even close to what you would call a programmer (actually I make music & design), but where there's a business need I prefer to spend the extra time and learn it myself. and R2i OWS let's even relative beginners like myself get the job done.

Fantastic product. We have already found a lot of creative ways to use this product in a corporate environment to solve some of the shortcomings of DNN (like allowing different homepages based on different users roles, etc..), as well as write standalone mini-applications which are very powerful. There is a fairly substantial learning curve, but once you cross it, its really amazing what you can do with this product.

From Various Open Web Studio Customers


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