A sneak peek at OpenWebStudio Version 3

By Kevin M Schreiner

January 13, 2011

Hold onto your boots, a brand new interface for our popular development IDE is on the way! While our original OWS 2 user interface has done well over the last few years, and we haven't really heard much belly-aching about it from our user base - we use the platform far more than anyone else, and have noticed a few things here and there which could make it so much better.

So for those of you who have been waiting patiently and have been contributing so much to our existing core users - here is a few quick screenshots to peak your interest!

Before I toss a bunch of photos into the mix, here's a quick breakdown of whats happening in v3.

  • Multiple Document Interface: Edit more than one configuration at the same time
  • Multiple Action Interface: Edit more than one action within the configuration at the same time
  • New Interface structure: Instead of reinventing the wheel and building new UI components from scratch (which we had to do in v2), the ribbon and tree have been removed / replaced with off the shelf jQuery components.
  • New Tree: As stated previously, we are using jQuery components - the best part - you can now drag and drop the action trees as you need! No more key combinations necessary.
  • Dockable Interface: expand and collapse the different panes of the interface to get as much elbow room as you want!
  • Themes: v3 is based on jQuery UI and ties perfectly with ThemeRoller - which is includes the ability to choose a set of themes from the menu bar. No longer must you suffer through grays and whites if you prefer greens!
  • Community Integration: We are moving Chat integration into the forefront here - when you are online you can join the general discussion, or hit up another user for help in a private discussion. The best part, you can share configurations via the chat. Want to get help on a config? Enter the chat, and Share the configuration with someone else!
  • Forum Integration: Just like the Chat integration, we are including Forum integration, similar to that of the Chat. The discussions are broken into topics, but still work in real time just like the Chat. The entire discussion is logged directly in the forum for later review!
  • Wiki Integration: Need to look for help on a topic, and dont want to leave the config? Go ahead - search and review right from the ide.
  • Ticket Integration: Add Tickets, Report Issues, Get Help all from the IDE.

There's a few other things coming down the pike, but I don't have enough time on hand to go through them all at present - more information will be arriving soon enough - so without any further delay - here are the sneak preview images:




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