Action: Condition-Else If


November 26, 2008


The ELSE-IF Condition Action provides extended conditional branching within your Actions, and must be used in combination with the If Condition. The functionality and purpose are exactly the same as the standard IF condition. The ELSE-IF is only excecuted when a preceeding IF or ELSE-IF branch is false.

Condition Mode

The Condition Mode allows you to either use the standard interface, which provides the Left Value, Operator and Right Value - OR to use the Advanced, or Compound mode. The Compound mode allows you to specify the entire entire condition with standard syntax. It is important to not that if the General Settings state that Math is to be used within Conditionals, Mathematic symbols may be miss translated. For example, if you are comparing a value that is in a Date format, it may attempt Division due to the use of the "/" value.

Standard Mode

An example of the Standard Mode - checking to see if the current user is a member of the Administrators role.

Left Hand: [FORMAT,Administrators,{ISINROLE}]
Operator: =
Right Hand: True

Advanced (Compound) Mode

An example of a Compound statement - checking to see if the current user is a member of the Administrators role AND the Querystring Parameter "ProductID" is larger than 500.

Condition: [FORMAT,Administrators,{ISINROLE}] AND [ProductID,Querystring] > 500


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