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February 07, 2009


To send emails, add an Email Action to the configuration and setup its properties. The email will be sent using the server settings provided within your instance. The Email attributes are simple to configure, giving you the flexibility of the From, To, Subject, Body, Format and the ability to provide attachments using child File Actions.

  • From - the source for the email address must be provided, or no email will be sent.

  • To/Cc/Bcc - Each of these three target email types utilize standard ListX formatting parameters, and can be completely data driven.

  • Subject - The subject of the email.

  • Body Format - The body format can be either Text or Html

  • Body - The actual body of the email

  • Result Variable Type when you need to know if your email action succeeded, you may specify the Variable Type that you would like the variable stored into. The result is either True or the Failure message.

  • Result Variable Name – based on the Result Variable Type, the name is the name of the variable (above, the variable would be [EmailResult,Action].


Note: The Cc and Bcc fields must only contain email addresses or be blank.

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