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November 26, 2008




Choose a format in which to download the results of the query. This provides a means to export the entire rich user interface you created, or to export the underlying data via a CSV file format. There are a few important things to be aware of when exporting to a rich UI format. First, in order for the style class names used within your HTML content to export properly, you cannot utilize a LINK tag for importing the CSS, or the export will not have direct access to the link. It is recommended that all styles used within an export be assigned via the inline style=”” attribute. Additionally, the export will contain all the HTML tags you created within the OWS configuration, including any javascript. This javascript must be crafted in a way as to not adversely affect the target file type which may attempt to execute the script without the context of the surrounding page structure. Finally, when your export target is Excel, the actual exporting to excel requires appropriate spreadsheet structure. This means that the HTML content you are attempting to export to the Excel format, must be present in an HTML Table structure, or it may be difficult to render an appropriate spreadsheet.
•    Output Type- identifies the type of the output file. Items marked (Complete) will return the entire bound source, regardless of current page selection. Possible values are:
o    Excel
o    Excel Complete
o    Word
o    Word Complete
o    Delimited (CSV)
o    Delimited Complete.

•    Delimiter - select a delimiter to use when exporting the data (CSV only).
•    Export Filename - the name to utilize for the output file. You can use any OWS formatting tags within this and any other element.

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