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By Kevin M Schreiner

November 26, 2008



Search Integration

Supporting search capabilities which integrate within the DNN standard search capacity, while providing the flexibility to control how the integration occurs, and more importantly, where the search link results drive your users is a fantastic, and simple feature of ListX. You will want to review the documentation and examples on fulfilling your search needs, but to get started, take the following steps.


  1. First, assume you will want your users to view a detail form of the record they are driven towards. This means if you create both a list and detail view of your data, the module implementing the iSearchable functionality should be your detail.
  2. Your search results will be directed from the default search page to the current tab with a specific set of querystring variables you identify in the options below, so craft your detail form to accept incoming querystring variables to identify the appropriate target record.
  3. Specify the Query which will be used to identify  ALL records which will be submitted to the integrated search engine.
  4. Next, fill in the format of the Title (just as you would any other template), this title will appear as the title of each search result.
  5. If provided, set the Author value to the UserID of the creator of your record.
  6. Set the Published Date to the value identifying the date each record was created.
  7. Use Link Parameters to set the querystring which will be added to your result record when the user clicks on the result.
  8. Set the Search Key to the unique value of your record, meaning the value of the key or keys which make up the primary key of the result.
  9. Use the Description to provide more information in the search result. The Description appears below the title of each result item.
  10. Finally, set the Content of the records, this content will be indexed and used for the search lookup, along with the Title and Description.

Once completed, verify that your search is working. To do this, navigate to the Host Search Admin interface and press the Re-Index Content option. This will force your content to re-index and automatically include your new content into the searched content. Check your search and verify that your records and directions have been followed.

Review the training video for this topic here: Tutorial: Search Integration

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