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November 26, 2008

At the heart of Social Development stands a solitary entity that is capable of both supporting the community by contributing thoughts & guidance as well as requesting help and inciting communication between members. We like to call this entity YOU and your activities Social Development. Feel free to browse the community areas to help, share ideas and recieve support.

Social Development Tools:

  • My - This is the executive summary of your current status, profile and avatars for use within the system. From here you can get stats on your forum posts, tickets and nearly every other aspect of the community.
  • Chat - Talk with other peers in the community. Send messages, express thoughts on topics.
  • Forums - Community interaction and historical support is provided via forums. All R2i OWS members have access for questions and answers. Subscription levels provide access to private forum groups and support.
  • Wiki - Mixing video, hyperlink content, forum links in a fluid manner provides a dynamic knowledge bank of support and technical information.  The Wiki is an online searchable reference area that includes How-to's, samples, links and other references that is constanlty updated to give the best possible information. Community members have the ability to add to the wiki, and update the content freely including related content, samples and forum references.
  • Explore - Because the wiki is so vast across many topics, ideas and subjects, a base location for finding your target information is provided.
  • CodeShare - Build your R2i OWS applications and distribute or promote them through CodeShare. search and find utilities and packages solutions that will save you time. Codeshare provides a portal for members to create projects, chat, share and work on shared configurations from within the R2i Open Web Studio IDE.
  • Trouble Tickets - if you are having an issue with the product, or need dedicated support to help assist with questions - use the trouble tickets interface found within your IDE. 
  • Subscription - Review or upgrade your subscription level.
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