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November 27, 2008

Unparalleled Speed of Creation

Development and Design go hand in hand, reducing the knowledge required by all users. All that is required is basic knowledge SQL for retrieving data and the target display syntax (usually HTML although any is supported).

Business rules and workflow are created quickly and easily within the online development environment, unlike any other available platform. The built-in functionality and features support nearly any type of interaction imaginable from simple forms and displays to high-end management system and rich internet applications.

Empowering the community is the heart of the Open Web Studio platform, and the community gives back in many ways. From just helpful interaction and assistance via the online forums, blogs and wiki, to shared projects and using the extension model new functionality and features that can be quickly plugged in.

Intuitive AJAX driven Interfaces

The development engine and created solutions are based on a core AJAX framework which can be enabled or disabled for each of your solutions, depending on your needs. Search Engine friendly interfaces, created by Open Web Studio will always reflect the functionality and capabilities in the best appropriate manner.

Universal Platform Support

The only interface required for creating and managing applications for Open Web Studio is your browser. The products developed by our Online Development Environment is available for use, and can be deployed anywhere necessary - from external facing web properties or services, to internal intranet or extranet sites.


Universal Data Support

Applications built with Open Web Studio can connect to any data source which supports OleDB or ODBC, including SQL Server, Oracle, mySQL. Extending this capability, your application can query external services, files and sources.

Certified and Reliable

Open Web Studio is a framework that thousands of users around the world count on for their applications. The solutions are easily scalable, reusable and maintainable. And, because the core framework is Microsoft Certified, you can feel confident that its structure is sound and efficient.


Quick and Easy to Learn

The functionality of Open Web Studio provides two essential functional interfaces. One that provides a friendly wizard like presentation to fulfill attributes within the Online Development Environment. The second, a highly useful and efficiently simplistic, familiar Wiki Style syntax, allowing the greatest flexibility and capability. Videos, training and documentation are provided through our community environment and is growing rapidly every day.

Freedom of Open Source and Social Development

The core concept and pulse of Open Source is the community. Catering to our users, and providing a free platform that they can dream and create within allows them to feel satisfied with their efforts, and rely on our team for new enhancements and future capabilities. Gone are the days of waiting, wondering, and digging deep for upgrades to extend your existing applications. Our product is always free and constantly extended. Plus, access to our team and community is provided directly to you.

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