Open non-aspx links in a new window

June 07, 2010

Navigation Menu Links

If you want non-aspx menu links opens in a new window just add the following condition into the <a> tag in your custom OWS menu configuration:

{IIF, "'[FORMAT,\"[NewURL]\",{CONTAINS:.aspx}]'='True'", "", "target=\"_blank\""}

Notice: How to create Navigation Menu is described here

Everything Links Everywhere

If you want that non-aspx links throughout the site (including links which in static and dynamic data on whole page) open in a new window - you need to assign the following code to the CONTROL.FOOTER or place it at the end of the page:


<script id="ExLinks" type="text/javascript">
    var port = '';  
    if(':')>=0) port = ":" + this.port;
function Is?ontains(s){
 var ret = false;
 for(var i = 1; i < arguments.length; i++){
   if ([i]/i) > -1){
    var ss =[i]/i);
    ret = true;
 return ret;

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