Token: Aggregations, Count and Sum


Because you always need to provide summary information within websites, grids and other interfaces, it become apparent that it would be far easier to control the tallies within the rendered UI rather than provide additional complex query joins to support them. The concept provided by OWS is quite simple, it can SUM or COUNT values contained within records in your query, and provide a means of pulling the current tally at any time in the interface, either at grouping levels or within your global footer.

Aggregation Syntax

All aggregation tags contain the same logical structure. One tag, the physical SUM or COUNT tag provides a way to tally your values without physically rendering any actual output. The second, a simple Variable to poll to grab the total, uses an Action variable tag, pulling from the Action collection.

SUM Syntax:

COUNT Syntax:




(Group Footer)

<span>[totalDollars,Action] [totalisActive,Action]</span>
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