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There are times within your content that your  may need a customized way of calculating or tallying a variable value within the runtime of your page. This is made possible through the use of the SET tag. With this tag, you can specify the Name of the value, Value which you want to assign, and the Collection which houses the value.

Set Syntax

The syntax is familiar, because it is based off of the standard tag for handling page post backs, called ACTION. This tag, requiring fewer parameters, is easy to maintain.


Variable Name
The name of the value, as it exists within your environment. The typical variable used by the Set command would be a temporary storage variable, stored within the Action collection, a data store specifically for temporary request parameters.

The value which will be placed in the Variable assigned as the next parameter. The physical value may come from a existing OWS column or other calculated value.

OWS is capable of reading and writing to variable located in the Action (temporary variable collection), Session, QueryString, Cookie and ViewState. It is simple bind to any system type; just provide the name of the type in this position.



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